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Our Learning Principles

We believe there are two important principles for creating excellence in a learning program. The first is age-appropriate learning. To maximize the efficiency of teaching and learning, we carefully review each concept and present it at the most advantageous time in a child's maturation process. Effective learning is sequential learning, and is most effective when built on a strong foundation. Well-understood, supportive concepts create a base of understanding that is simplistic.  

The second principle of our learning philosophy is the involved learner. We believe that the most effective learning takes place when the child is a participant in the process. This principle specifically applies to children who understand concepts on a concrete, rather than abstract, level.

Involving a child in the learning process fosters excellence in the entire experience. By presenting age-appropriate concepts and involving the learner in the educational process, we develop a child who is eager and prepared for a lifetime of learning. We believe that providing children with positive discipline, structure, and routine helps them become well-balanced and equips them to be successful young adults.



At Little Me Learning Center & Family Child Care, security is a top priority. The school is monitored by video camera, and ID is required for pickup from individuals other than authorized parents. Computerized sign in and sign out is also employed.



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