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Preschool/Daycare Program
It is our desire to provide tender, loving care for children who must be separated from their parents everyday. Care that includes eating, sleeping, and toileting experiences, care that includes academic and social experiences, care that includes friendship with adults other than the parents, and care that meets the unique growth and developmental needs of each individual child.

We offer a year round preschool program, child care services, before and after school care and a summer camp program. We are open Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. There are no weekend child care services unless a prior two week notice is giving base on availability. Children are expected to be in no later than 9:00 a.m. unless special arrangements are made for the simple reason that we don’t want them to miss out on learning time in the morning, arts and crafts. It would be boring for your little one to just come to daycare and go straight to eat and then nap.

School Readiness Program

The Hangout is our after school program. Here we provide care for children going into transitional kindergarten, kindergarten through six grade. We strive to make positive use of children's after school hours. Children are picked up at their schools and ones they arrive at daycare we provide them with a healthy snack and they get to enjoy it with their friends in a very social setting. After snack our tutor helps the children with homework,projects and studying for test. Children participate in a variety of afternoon activities after their school responsibilities are done such as free play, board games and crafts or just relaxing.








Summer Program
The Hangout Summer Camp provides an entertaining and enriching experience for school age children. Our program combines recreational and educational activities allowing opportunities to develop new skills and interests including live theater, nature programs, museums and book clubs. We feel children need vigorous physical activity and a variety of experiences. Our program includes bowling, roller skating, nature walks, park play, movies, zoo, sports day, family fun centers, water park and special field trips to fire stations, police station, post office, feline ranch, ostrich ranch, fruit picking, supermarkets and restaurants which includes the children visiting one of the local pizza restaurant where they prepare, bake and the best part eating their own handmade pizza. The fees for some of the activities are included in the tuition. Parents receive a monthly calendar which provides them with the daily activity plan for the day and any extra fees that may apply. We provide breakfast and snack for all the children. Lunch is not provide it on Mondays and Thursday these are the two days we go to the water park, so each child must bring a sack lunch. Also certain field trips on Fridays require a sack lunch and parents are inform 24 hours ahead.





Pajamarama Night was created to provide our parents who need a "night out on the town." We open daycare from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on the first Friday of every month. It's a fun night for parents to do as they please... Go on a date, shopping, run errands or just enjoying a night of peace and quite with friends. And for the kids a night full of fun activities, crafts and games. We provide pizza, a drink and dessert. Last but not least the best part of the night movie and popcorn under the stars. During the warm months we watch a movie outdoors with lawn chairs, blankets and pillows pals too!!!! So call to make your reservation...spots fill up quick. Open to our daycare parents and their families too. 

Food Program Participants

Our center is proud to be a part of the Department of Education's food program — VCFP. Participation in this program allows us to provide every child with healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.


School Transportation Program

We offer transportation from our center to various schools and vice versa. After-school pickup and home drop off are available for older children. Schools included in our program are:


• Quartz Hill Elementary
• Joe Walker Junior High
• Valley View Elementary
• Soar Academy
• Gregg Anderson
• Quartz Hill High School 
• Sundown Elementary
• Lancaster High Lancaster









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