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About Us

Little Me Learning Center & Family Child Care strives to provide friendly, courteous, and reliable care to all little clients that must be separated from their parents every day, including those who work in law enforcement, NASA, Lockheed Martin™, and the Palmdale Regional Center. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is being educated and cared for in a fun and safe environment by loving and dedicated teachers.
A Qualified Staff

The staff with Little Me Learning Center & Family Child Care has received certificates in Early Childhood Education, and takes a minimum of 30 hours in continuing education classes. We follow state and federal health and safety guidance.

Additionally, all employees have been cleared with the Department of Justice through the Live Scan fingerprinting process. Updating our professional skills makes us confident that we are offering quality, loving, and understanding care to your child, making their first years of learning educational and nurturing. You are welcome to view all posted documents pertaining to our child care at any time.


It is my desire here in my daycare to help/teach children to develop the healthy emotions of love, confidence, and self-worth by teaching and building self-control and self-disipline.  Disipline is something that needs to be learned, just like other subject matter. Children learn good behavior by:

Example: Children learn appropriate and inappropriate behavior by looking to us as examples. If we are anxious, angry, inconsistent and domineering, our children will be distant, unconcerned, punitive, and weak.  If we are self-controlled, confident, loving and just our children will be likewise.

Instruction: Communication and instruction are probably the most important element of discipline. Children feel secure, loved and confident when they know there are definite boundaries and expectations. We teach specific expectations by using techniques such as defining work spaces, instruction on use of material and providing a variety of choices from which children may choose.

Practice & Positive Reinforcement: We can help a child learn self-discipline and self-control by positive reinforcement such as hugs, an encouraging word or a star on a chart for good helpers or reward at the end of the week.

Making Mistakes: When a child makes mistakes it is our responsibility to respond to the negative behavior. There are steps to teaching self-discipline with this method. We should not let frustration and anger provoke us to jump to step #5 listed below without  going through  the other steps, because then we have no other resources.

Five steps of assertive discipline:

These are the steps that we will take when negative behavior has been displayed:

1.Speak to the child directly, making eye contact. Be firm and speak to the child individually. Explain your expectations and their choices.

2.Re-direct the child to another activity. Explain that he/she made the wrong choice and what would have being a better choice.

3.Loss of privilege.  Explain that the improper use of material or a bad choice will cause the child to lose the privilege.

4.Social Isolation/Time Out. Remove the child to a chair facing away from activities. The child will be sent to an assigned area to sit and think about their choices away from activities. We’ll allow the child some time and restate his/her expectations in the classroom. This may have to be repeated more than once for the child to make a connection. Always reinforcing how important it is for the child to make good choices and reminding also that every action always has a consequence.

 5.Repeated and consistent disobedience would be reported to the parent/guardian and at the time a plan will be developed to include one or more of the following:

Child may need to be picked up from day care.
Ask the parent to intervene with appropriate discipline.
Recommendation for professional intervention.
Termination of contract.
Discipline is instruction or training designed to correct misbehavior and develop the disciplined one. It does not involve justice, punishment or getting even.

Remember parents, children are little people without experience and it is up to us; parents, family, teachers and child care providers to teach them right from wrong.


Enrollment is open to all children without regard of color, race, religion, national origin or ancestry. The welcome package (provided by us) is to be completed and accompanied by:

Contract completely filled out with a check or cash to cover the registration fee of $25.00 (non-refundable) plus the deposit and the weekly rate.
Pre-admission Health History-Parent Report Form (LIC702).
Identification and Emergency Information Form (LIC700).
Copy of child’s immunization record, up-to-date.
Acknowledgement of Notification of Parent Rights, signed (LIC 995A).



Tuition is weekly and always due in advance. One or more weeks may be paid in advance. Payment must be made the Friday before care begins. If payment falls behind there will be a $10.00 charge late fee per each day up to 5 days after the 5th day.  The child may not come back to care until payment is made in full, if you decide to not come back to daycare you will loose your deposit automatically.

Payment can be made by check and a $25.00 charge will apply to any returned check. The parent who signs the contract and other forms for their child takes ultimate financial responsibility for any payment and any other expenses related to the child. No tuition allowance will be made for holidays falling within a given month. This fact is taken into consideration at the time prices are established. Holidays are as follows:

Presidents Day /February
Memorial Day/May
Independence Day/July
Labor Day /September
Veterans Day /November
Thanksgiving Day / November
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day /December 24th & 25th
New Years/December 31 & January 1

There is NO care provided after 6:00 p.m. and all children must be picked up. If you have an emergency and are unable to pick up your child before 6:00 p.m., you must call and notify me of the situation. Parents who pick up their child after 6:00 p.m. will be charged a $10.00 fee per hour. A parent who is consistently late in picking up their child will have to make different arrangements for the child to be picked up on time.


Vacation Policy

You may take up to 2 weeks off a year with a 2 week notice at a 50% off weekly rate, to be paid in advance before the child leaves the center on the last day before vacation.


Termination of Services

A one week notice must be given when services will be terminated. If I don’t receive a one week notice, you will lose your deposit.


Your Child's Health

It is important that every parent cooperate fully with the daycare's health regulations. Regulations are designed to protect the well-being of all children and to guard as much as possible against avoidable absences for health reasons. When there are symptoms of illness or other indication that a child is not well enough for group activities, arrangements must be made for the child to be cared for at home. I do not provide for children who are ill. Proper care at the beginning of an illness can often shorten its duration. PLEASE call me to let me know that the child is staying home due to illness. A child needs to stay at home if any of the following symptoms are present:

A fever higher than 99.0.
Green discharge from the nose/constant runny nose.
Heavy cough not able to control with over the counter medication.
Vomiting more than once in one day.
Diarrhea more than once in one day.
Yellow-greenish discharge from the eyes (pink eye).
Any suspicious rash.

PLEASE do not give medication to the child to cover up the symptoms of being sick, you will be called to pick your child up from day care. If your child becomes ill at daycare he/she will be isolated and you will be called immediately, so you can make arrangements to have him/her picked up as soon as possible. If I am not able to contact you within 2 hours of your child becoming ill, I will call your emergency contact. Exposure to communicable diseases and infectious illnesses of other family members should promptly reported, so that I may be alerted to early symptoms. I will send notes home to let the other parents know when their child has been exposed to an infectious disease.


Fire Drills/Earthquakes Preparedness

In accordance with California State Law, we will have a fire and earthquake drill once a month. According to the Federal Emergency Agency, the requirements for an individual center fire/earthquake safety program and an effective fire/earthquake response plan are based on the following assumptions:

A major fire/earthquake can occur without warning and could occur during the time your child is here.
This event would cause widespread damage, resulting from fire/ground shaking and other hazards triggered by the emergency.
Transportation routes, telephone communication and other utilities services would be interrupted.
Medical, fire and rescue personnel would be severely overtaxed and would not be able to respond to every call within the affected area for several hours.


Release of children

Children will be released only to those who are on the emergency contact form. Identification will be required of the persons picking up the child. Parents should call me and let me know in advance if a person not listed is to pick up the child. If you have a restriction for anyone to pick up your child I must have a copy of your court order on file.


What to bring and what to wear?

What does the well-dressed child wear??? In daycare, fashion means washable clothes: comfortable, sturdy, playclothes. Painting, mud, playdough, etc. are part of our curriculum and fun time. Whether you wash with TIDE or GAIN, some colors of paint just won’t wash out. To decide if your child is appropriately dressed before you leave the house, ask yourself, “Will I be upset if he/she comes home with dirt, paint, or chocolate pudding on this outfit???" If the answer is yes, please change your little one's clothing to something more appropriate.
Clothing that is easy to manage encourages independence and self-help. Many toilet accidents are prevented if children can unbutton or unbuckle pants and belts without struggles. All items need to be labeled with your child’s name please! A jacket/sweater is recommended for all children since weather changes from morning to late afternoon.


If your child comes home with paint on their clothes...

Be Glad!!! Look at what they are achieving. We use washable paint and put little smocks on your child, but sometimes you may find paint in some place you never imagine...so just remember they are positively developing their physical, social, cognitive and creative skills:

Problem Solving
Communication Skills
Sensory Development
Creative Art & Sensory Planning
Language Development
Science & Discovery
Learning to Express Themselves
Water & Sand Play
Using Their Imagination
 Increasing Their Self-Esteem
Hand-Eye Coordination
Large & Small Muscle Development
Finger Painting
And Much More…

Contact our learning center in Quartz Hill, California, to broaden your child's horizons.